Everybody Into the Miniaturizer!

Cinderella's Drawing RoomLately, I’ve been a bit obsessed with Tiny Houses. Never one to blindly obsess, I perpetually contemplate the allure of small spaces.

When I was young I adored Colleen Moore’s Dollhouse. Ms. Moore’s “dollhouse” now lives in Chicago, at the Museum of Science and Industry. It is, without a doubt, the most amazing “dollhouse” one could imagine. Take a look – exhibit at Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Colleen Moore's Dollhouse<< My adoration, however, was pre-internet and driven by repeatedly checking out this book . Best extravagant spending by a movie star ever, IMO. Magical. Dollhouses, Tiny Houses – is there a link-up there? Dunno, seems like there ought to be, doesn’t it? If I were Yoda, I would say “Bigger on the inside are they..”. However, Yoda I am not.

Bend to Squares

Bend to Squares – Death Cab for Cutie

I love this song. The lyrics are poetry. Pretty decent poetry, at that.

Even more, I love the story behind the lyrics. How bits & pieces were stitched together into something completely new. The way the poetry finds the poet, that a poet is really just listening to the under current.

That is all.

“If you watch Death Cab’s episode of VH1 Storytellers they play this song and Ben said he got the inspiration for this song after reading a review of a book about Frank Sinatra. ‘He lived a very interesting life and I kind of cherry picked some of the little couplets of words and things that I really liked and it became this song.’ – Ben”

The clip below…

Metaphor, I Salute You

I wrote this a long time ago, and then gave it away. It has been returned to me and I rather like it – for that, I thank you.

Hot Air & Circumstance

I heard
you apparently think
that a Woman
in Washington State
had it coming…

That thought (your thought) is
empty but for
very hot air &
ever so light poison

Air & poison
that could seep
into a heart,
if cracked
that could put a sting
behind your eyes,
if open

I let
your empty words
buoyed by hot air
(and temperament)
be carried away
by the dirty wind
that blows tirelessly
in the toxic
south of Washington State

This Washington Woman
let another dirigible
float away

It went into the trees &
I watched it for a time

Tangled in branches &
dead leaves
creating an unexpected
solar eclipse
in the Central Valley of
Washington State

But then I remembered
the eyes cannot feel pain
from the light (it isn’t real)
so I walked away
afraid of permanent
to my vision

(It occurs with no warning)

So that airship of vile words
(meant to sully
This Washington Woman)
cracked wide open
in the trees, tangled
then spilling down

Words & chemicals
meant to make things grow
(apples and distrust and grapes and cancer)
meant to keep someone safe
tumbled about &
it was impossible not to be

Those who were foolish enough
to stare
were blinded

Indirect projection
is the only safe way
to share

Cover your eyes:

A long time ago
He had it coming
He still sees spots
On a cloudy day
A glimpse of the sun
Where there is none
As will you.