Bend to Squares

Bend to Squares – Death Cab for Cutie

I love this song. The lyrics are poetry. Pretty decent poetry, at that.

Even more, I love the story behind the lyrics. How bits & pieces were stitched together into something completely new. The way the poetry finds the poet, that a poet is really just listening to the under current.

That is all.

“If you watch Death Cab’s episode of VH1 Storytellers they play this song and Ben said he got the inspiration for this song after reading a review of a book about Frank Sinatra. ‘He lived a very interesting life and I kind of cherry picked some of the little couplets of words and things that I really liked and it became this song.’ – Ben”

The clip below…

Metaphor, I Salute You

I wrote this a long time ago, and then gave it away. It has been returned to me and I rather like it – for that, I thank you.

Hot Air & Circumstance

I heard
you apparently think
that a Woman
in Washington State
had it coming…

That thought (your thought) is
empty but for
very hot air &
ever so light poison

Air & poison
that could seep
into a heart,
if cracked
that could put a sting
behind your eyes,
if open

I let
your empty words
buoyed by hot air
(and temperament)
be carried away
by the dirty wind
that blows tirelessly
in the toxic
south of Washington State

This Washington Woman
let another dirigible
float away

It went into the trees &
I watched it for a time

Tangled in branches &
dead leaves
creating an unexpected
solar eclipse
in the Central Valley of
Washington State

But then I remembered
the eyes cannot feel pain
from the light (it isn’t real)
so I walked away
afraid of permanent
to my vision

(It occurs with no warning)

So that airship of vile words
(meant to sully
This Washington Woman)
cracked wide open
in the trees, tangled
then spilling down

Words & chemicals
meant to make things grow
(apples and distrust and grapes and cancer)
meant to keep someone safe
tumbled about &
it was impossible not to be

Those who were foolish enough
to stare
were blinded

Indirect projection
is the only safe way
to share

Cover your eyes:

A long time ago
He had it coming
He still sees spots
On a cloudy day
A glimpse of the sun
Where there is none
As will you.

Kinda Drifting Into the Abstract

My Lovely HP Photosmart D7560

My Lovely HP Photosmart D7560

I send a three page .pdf to print. A few minutes later half of the first page, lightly etched, scoots out and my printer proudly declares that the job is complete.


Ink is fine, paper is fine, printer thinks it is fine. Sigh. Close document, return a few minutes later, print those three pages. Printer chugs enthusiastically and spits out all three pages, pretty as a pile of fresh peaches.

Let’s print a few more things, since you are feeling so perky, sweet lil’ printer…

Infinite loop

Get Me Away from Here

I’m dying…

Trying to muster the energy to take a shower. Seriously, taking a shower seems to be so challenging these days. It is that kind of day. The kind of day that drives me to write until I make myself cry, which then leads to serious bootstrap tugging, and whoosh! the shower is no longer challenging.

I’m wallowing in buckets and buckets of self-pity. My oldest packed up and left for college. She’s a sophomore, so it shouldn’t feel so fresh and new and generally icky, but it does. It feels wretched – might have something to do with the fact that she isn’t moving to a dorm, but to her boyfriend’s (and he is a dear) house. Never mind that this seems so final; I know it isn’t. That doesn’t seem to matter this morning as I look around at bare walls and empty spaces.

Karol Fern Sample passed away two days ago. September 2, to be precise, at 6:15 a.m. She loved Yoda, Han Solo, and her art was amazing. I don’t use the term “artist” lightly. In fact, I can’t think of anyone, right now at this moment, that I would call an “artist”. Karol, however, was an Artist.

I remember listening to her describe the process to Chad – how the images just came from the brush – something that might sound like a lack of control. It wasn’t. Karol was art. She took a brush in hand and the art flowed out. In my mind it is very qi. Actually scratch that. It’s more like this:

Ben Obi-wan Kenobi: [gets up and takes a blast helmet]
I suggest you try it again, Luke. Only this time, let go your conscious self and act on instinct.
[puts the helmet on Luke, which covers his eyes]

Luke Skywalker:[too whiny for words]
But with the blast shield down, I can’t even see! How am I supposed to fight?

Ben Obi-wan Kenobi: Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them. Stretch out with your feelings!

That was Karol – a master of the (art)Force. They say when you grieve, it’s a bit selfish, that the sadness is for yourself, for your loss. Perhaps, but my sadness, my tears are for Karol and her loss. Beautiful, talented, lovely, baby bird Karol. The absolute crap she suffered through the last few years. That she bore it so well breaks my heart.

And then today, we have court. So much pain these days in those I love.

That shower is looking better and better….

Fifteen Albums That Rocked My World

In no particular order and surely missing something Very Obvious….

1. Belle & Sebastian – Tigermilk
2. Elliott Smith – Either/Or
3. Cocteau Twins – Victorialand
4. New Order – Brotherhood
5. The Smiths – The Queen is Dead
6. Wham! UK – Fantastic
7. The Primitives – Lovely
8. LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver
9. Xanadu Soundtrack – ELO & Olivia Newton-John
10. Star Wars – Original Soundtrack 1977
11. Depeche Mode – Some Great Reward
12. The Cure – Standing on a Beach
13. Til Tuesday – Everything’s Different Now
14. Pretty in Pink – Soundtrack
15. This Space is Left Intentionally Blank

The Music is Played by the Mad Man

This week has been so action packed I think it is rather remarkable that I haven’t eaten an entire box of cow tails, driven to the wrong school with the wrong child, moved into a trailer in the backyard tethered to the main house only by an extraordinarily long length of CAT5.

Let me summarize the kind of crazy I function with as a matter of course…

  • Sunday
  • – The day that Chad put together bunk beds for the girls. Seven hours later the girls are nestled into their new digs. I still have a twin captain’s bed and bunk bed box in my living room. Stylish. (The bunk beds ARE fabulous, however. Yeah, Chad!)

  • Monday
  • – After school it comes to my attention that Gabby has been sporting shoes that fully 1 1/2 sizes too small. Egads! How did that happen? Where are your other shoes sweetie? Silly question actually – if the shoes aren’t here, do they really exist? Ah, like the proverbial tree in a forest. It’s only Monday? Really?

Yes, it is really only Monday…