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The Birdies Have Landed

I’m not sure if the fires have caused my little buddies to scurry downhill earlier than last year, but I don’t recall so many birds returning so swiftly and in such numbers last year.

Today the yard hosted:

  • 23 Eurasian Collared-Doves
  • 5 Mourning Doves
  • 3 Northern Flickers
  • 9 Red-winged Blackbirds
  • 7 Brewer’s Blackbird
  • 2 Brown-headed Cowbirds
  • 1 European Starling (just one, crazy right?)
  • 14 House Finches
  • 32 House Sparrows
  • 3 American Goldfinches
  • 1 Black-capped Chickadee
  • 1 Western Scrub-Jay
  • 8 Black-billed Magpies

Today’s quirk? Walking.

Some birds are routine walkers, even ridiculous walkers (think California Quail…), but a flicker, magpie, and dove toodling down Gregory Avenue is an odd sight.

And that was my Friday – if only the girls would stop screaming singing in the living room with the Fray.  Yes, the Fray.  Help.

Go By Tram


Because you are in Portland

To be fair the correct answer is…

As many as 20,000 people a day visit Oregon Health & Science University’s main campus on Marquam Hill. OHSU is  Portland’s largest employer, medical destination, and home of several medical schools. Marquam Hill is also home to a residential neighborhood, nature trails, and hospitals owned by Shriners and Veterans Affairs. However, from downtown Portland, Marquam Hill is accessible by just two 2-lane roads. To keep Marquam Hill accessible, an ambitious solution was needed. After reviewing a few different options, the City and stakeholders determined a tram was the best possible solution.